Write a brief biography of william wordsworth

Wordsworth thus became the only poet laureate to write no official verses. His brother drowns at sea His brother John was drowned at sea in For later versions of this poem Wordsworth added a reconciling conclusion, but the earliest and most powerful version was starkly tragic.

Now and then we meet a miserable peasant in the road or an accidental traveller. Even as a young man, the admiration for nature which would later characterise his most famous pieces is clearly represented in his poetry. He would not see the child until A contemporary so rightly observed, He found words to express his sensations.

The young Wordsworth started to write poetry during his time at Cambridge, but the work was not made public until Other sonnet sequences record his tours through the European continent, and the three series of Ecclesiastical Sketches develop meditations, many sharply satirical, on church history.

Thomas Wordsworth 15 June — 1 December Though it failed to arouse much interest at that time, it has since come to be widely recognised as his masterpiece. Probably, with this in mind, he and Dorothy, in the summer ofvisited Annette Vallon and daughter Caroline.

Dora Wordsworth 16 August — 9 July Durham University granted him an honorary Doctor of Civil Law degree inand Oxford conferred the same honor the next year. Inhe was given a government pension and the following year became poet laureate. His conversation teems with soul, mind and spirit.

The increasing number of visitors to the area annoyed him, although many had in fact come to view Rydal Mount in the hope of catching a glimpse of Wordsworth himself. It is now considered to be one of the most influential poetry anthologies of all time and pieces like Rime of the Ancient Mariner and Tintern Abbey are celebrated as a rebellion against the unstoppable march of the Industrial Revolution.

The second section, The Excursion, was completed pub. Lyrical Ballads Wordsworth and Coleridge, who were seeing each other almost daily at this period, collaborated on a collection of poetry which they called Lyrical Ballads, which was published on 4 October Dove Cottage, Grasmere, now the Wordsworth Museum.

The following year saw the passing of James Hogg. Henceforth he would produce a different kind of poetry, defined by a new sobriety, a new restraint, and a lofty, almost Miltonic elevation of tone and diction. A fourth and final edition of Lyrical Ballads was published in This bleak narrative records the slow, pitiful decline of a woman whose husband had gone off to the army and never returned.

William Wordsworth

April Learn how and when to remove this template message Wordsworth had for years been making plans to write a long philosophical poem in three parts, which he intended to call The Recluse. However, despite expressing a desire to marry, Wordsworth left France alone, leaving his partner and daughter in France.

Shortly after their arrival they went their separate ways. She and William were not to see each other again for several years. Inhe returned to France with his sister on a four-week visit to meet Caroline. Inhe entered St.

William Wordsworth (1770-1850)

William Wordsworth was born on 7 April at Cockermouth in Cumbria. Wordsworth Country has inspired so many to so much; the painters, writers, photographers, and all those ordinary folk who have visited, and gone away refreshed and reassured that all is well in the world.

Having run out of money, Wordsworth returned to England the following year, and the Anglo-French war, following the Reign of Terror, prevented his return for nine years. His political views underwent a transformation around the turn of the century, and he became increasingly conservative, disillusioned by events in France culminating in Napoleon Bonaparte taking power.

Over the next few years, two of their children passed away and Wordsworth lost his brother to an accident at sea — his sister also experienced a breakdown.Get an answer for 'Write a brief critical evaluation (analysis) of "Lines Composed a Few Miles Above Tintern Abbey" by Wordsworth.' and find homework help for other William Wordsworth questions at.

A brief biography of William Wordsworth, Poet Laureate and one of the Lake District's most famous conservationists. William Wordsworth's biography and life killarney10mile.comorth, born in his beloved Lake District, was the son of an attorney.

He went to school first at Penrith and then at Hawkshead Grammar school before studying, from 1. Portrait of William Wordsworth by Benjamin Robert Haydon Birth and parents William Wordsworth was born at Cockermouth in Cumberland, son of John Wordsworth, and Ann, née Cookson, of killarney10mile.com Cooksons were well-to-do people who ran a large drapery next to the George Hotel in Penrith.

William Wordsworth was an English poet. Read this brief biography to find more on his killarney10mile.com Of Birth: Kingdom of Great Britain. William Wordsworth Biography (Famous Poet Bio).

Read information including facts, works, awards, and the life story and history of William Wordsworth. This short biographical feature on William Wordsworth will help you learn about one of the best famous poet poets of all-time.

Write a brief biography of william wordsworth
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