Trash to treasure projects

Favorites CollectCollect this now for later Urban Elephant This site has tons and tons of doctor who crafts- its awesome!!!!!! All with items from thrift stores, garage sales, junk shops and trash piles. It took me about 15mins to do and there was no painting involved since the chair was a great red color to start with.

Makes a great center piece. CollectCollect this now for later carlene Spray paint tips and tons of inspiration projects! I also prebent them using a vise and plyers, Then I mounted the utinsels to a painted board with screws and adjusted the bends.

25 Great Trash-to-Treasure Crafts

It would be great for an old picture or a mirror. Craft Ideas CollectCollect this now for later debora A collection of over 30 trash to treasure projects. Bulletin board alternatives and fun photo displays Upper left is an old potato chip display, Upper Right is an old cloths drying rack, Both ideas were adapted from the book "Decorating Junk Market Style".

You could also put photographs behind it for a shabby chic picture frame, or add hooks to the bottom and make it a rack for keys, coats, towels, or leashes Tina found this metal tissue holder, painted with this sweet cottage design and hung it on the wall in her bathroom. Also, used some old wooden spools as candle holders.

Tons of great sewing tutorials! Uses for old iron grates and metal objects On the left venting grates found at a flea market. For this project, I painted the frame white, then distressed it with sandpaper to show off the carving it had. Doctor Who Perfect Party Planner!!! Angels made from old Table Leg and other architectural items.

I have similar items currently for sale, please See here for more information Another Angel made from an old spindle and some copper electrical wire, Wings are Iron. I may use a pipe to help create the curve. Then I just placed a few random pieces of type inside. This was an old library cabinet with 2 missing drawers.

What to do with old Game Pieces?

Trash to Treasure Miscellaneous Projects

CollectCollect this now for later Posquito This site has tons of knitting tips and free patterns! This was an old Riviera Platter, that had seen better days. The wires work great to tuck things in and behind and I also use small clothes pins to attached pictures and cards.

Both of these shelves were made from architectural leftovers. Tons of science notebook ideas, also social studies ideas.

CollectCollect this now for later mag Love this site! Add any embelishments you like. Lower left is a small piece of fence or grill that I attached clips to and painted white to make a small bulletin board for my desk. Tons of design tips, decorating inspiration, DIY projects, and design fundamentals to transform your home into a warm and welcoming space!.

Add some door hardware and a couple of hooks and you are done.Tons of Trash-to-Treasure projects and Inspiration love this site! by NancyO on See some of GAC's favorite upcyling projects from the Junk Gypsies' television adventures, and get inspired for your own upcycles.

These trash-to-treasure crafts will entertain your kids at almost no cost. Come be inspired by these 25 amazing trash to treasure projects!

36 Completely Genius Trash-to-Treasure Crafts.

Trash To Treasure

File these genius ideas away for the ultimate crafting experience. Trash to Treasure Miscellaneous Projects. These are miscellaneous projects I've tackled through the years.

It's a potpourrie of ideas. Below all the pictures are links to various other sites for even more ideas.

25 Amazing Trash to Treasure Projects!

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Trash to treasure projects
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