Theme essay on a dolls house

It is quite obvious throughout the story that Torvald claims to be madly in love with his wife, Nora. A woman was always subservient to men in every way, and she had a duty to her husband that was higher than the duty to herself. Unfortunately, this statement proves to be ironic. People place love on a hierarchy compared to all other values, and the rank it holds varies from person to person.

Every sex, every gender has a right to pursue his or her vision or dream. Themes are the fundamental and often universal ideas explored in a literary work. Rank wants to appear healthy.

Themes in A Doll's House

To her, father was the very embodiment of masculinity or a flawless symbol of perfect ideals. As far as possible, all of them work hard to keep their appearance intact forgetting their ugly realism. However, he treats her basically like she is his pet.

She flirted with Dr. But the society does not do so. Nora secessions are very deliberate and thought out. That insufficiency is why Nora says that he is not the one to educate her about being a good wife; he does not quite know what it is to be a good husband. Rank is a good friend of the Helmer family.

Further, Ibsen himself declared that he was not writing solely about women but instead about issues of his society and about the need for individuals, both men and women, to be true to themselves. He says that no man can be expected to lay down his honor for the sake of the one he loves. Torvald, though he plays the part of the strong, benevolent husband, reveals himself to be cowardly, petty, and selfish when he fears that Krogstad may expose him to scandal.

It is something that is universal, that everyone can understand, or at least everyone tries to understand.

Theme Of A Doll's House

Yet, all the major figures—Torvald, Nora, Kristine, and Krogstad—have been affected adversely by its absence: Torvald Helmer insists on keeping up the appearance of marriage even after rejecting Nora for her past crime. Nora, at first, idealizes her father.

A Doll's House

Their personal situations intervene, though. It enabled Nora and Torvald to travel to Italy for his health. Krogstad does have the promise of a more lucrative career, but it is only in the future.

She did not hesitate to idolize Helmer in much the same way as she idolized her father with a passage of time she came to notice some defects in the behaviors of her husband. She proved herself not to be helpless like Torvald implied:Free Essay: Henrik Ibsen's, A Doll's House is definitely a unique story written by a very intelligent, complicated writer.

I believe he intentionally wrote. A Doll's House is popular for displaying the theme of the collapse of the parental ideal. Nora, at first, idealizes her father.

To her, father was the very embodiment of masculinity or a flawless symbol of perfect ideals. As time elapsed, she was jolted into the awakening that her father was not what she had thought.

When a play is called A Doll's House, chances are that home might be a prevalent theme. Early on in the text, the home is seen as a thing of joy, a. Essay Questions; Cite this Literature Note Critical Essays Theme of A Doll's House.

Thus A Doll's House questions the entire fabric of marital relationships, investigates the development of self-awareness in character, and eventually indicts all the false values of contemporary society which denies the worth of individual personality. Theme Of A Doll's House Essays: OverTheme Of A Doll's House Essays, Theme Of A Doll's House Term Papers, Theme Of A Doll's House Research Paper, Book Reports.

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A Doll's House study guide contains a biography of Henrik Ibsen, literature essays, a complete e-text, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis. About A Doll's House A Doll's House Summary.

Theme essay on a dolls house
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