The impact of cultism and examination

It suffices to state categorically that the syndrome is almost completely male-dominated generally associated with monetary incentives, reward or gratification, and sometimes to compensate an amorous relationships.

Coloroso, Peer victimization takes two major forms. Will there be any gender difference on the impact of cultism on social adjustment of students in secondary school? The various acts of indiscipline commonly perpetrated by students such as truancy, stealing, hooliganism, examination malpractices, sexual immoralities and cultism among others are all destructive to the educational system.

This is against the fact that most members of these cults are from rich homes and are never serious with their studies; thus prompting their venturing into examination malpractices. This indecent moral values impacted into these youths are giving them more confidence to feel that nothing will happen to them even if they are caught with the belief that money answereth all things.

It is even believed that many prospective candidates seeking admission into higher institutions today often employ others to write the examinations for them. For one, they are hardly good at their jobs even as the anti-social tendencies remain with them throughout life.

Opaluwah opined that the pirate confraternity was formed to end tribalism and elitism and not harm, maim or kill and destroy as seen in contemporary confraternities in our campuses. They feel more anxious, depressed, lonely and worse about themselvesthan do non-victims.

It can simply be said to be a student ability to be actively integrated into the school to be able to achieve the essence of school and avoiding negative tendencies that may negate achievement of healthy outcomes in school. It is high time we begin to have a sound realization of the fact that it is not only by having a degree that one can succeed or excel in life.

It is an invaluable asset, therefore, to both the individual and the society; since it has been also used from time immemorial, as a veritable instrument of cultural transmission. To ascertain the impact of cultism on the psychological adjustment of secondary school students.

However, the one that poses serious threat to our future leaders is the one that is taking place almost on a daily basis in our higher institutions. Whereas, the former takes place in a formal or official setting, compartmentalized and certificated with designated learners and teachers, the latter is not so clearly designed.

The number of years someone has lived or something has existed. In virtually all the higher institutions and even some secondary schools in the country, we have at one time or the other recorded one cult related crisis or the other.

Sponsorship by Community Leaders vi. An Indepth Analysis, Offa: They tele guided political events and held important positions within the student body such as president, chief judge, public relations officer and secretary.

By the mids, reports had it that some of the cults have been co-opted by elements in the intelligence and security services serving the military government such that they were used as foils to the left-wing student unions which, along with university teachers, were among the only remaining bastions of opposition to military rule.

Hence the rather mutual relationship that lies between cultism and examination malpractices in these institutions. As it is with the nation, so it is with the education sector; only those saddled with the responsibility of administering our education system can appreciate the crisis in the education system.

Individuals with psychosocial disorders frequently have difficulty functioning in social situations and may haveproblems effectively communicating to others. The result of this study will also benefit school administrators, parents, researchers, government and co-operate bodies.

Micro and macro chips are same techniques except for the variation in the sizes of the imported materials. This caught on among students and over the next two decades, the fraternity, a non-violent body, became established in all the tertiary institutions that emerged in post-independence Nigeria.

But the activities of the various cults seen day in our institutions are far from the above reasons. Re-orientation in our Tertiary Institutions and Better Funding. Such expelled students have often safely returned to their institutions for being secret cult members brandishing court orders for their reinstatement.

Public Enlightenment Advocacy by the Media. Odili gave 11 possible causes of the rising cases of cultism in these institutions to include:The twin evils of campus cultism and examination malpractices entrenched themselves in the campuses during the years of military despotism.

They are product of the years of decay while the nature of inter-campus linkages of cult groups as well as the sophistication with which malpractices are now being perpetuated in various. The Impact of Cultism and Examination Malpractices on the Quality of Education in the 21st Century Nigeria Essay dictatorship, but hardly knew the magnitude of the rot.

As it is with the nation, so it is with the education sector; only those saddled with the responsibility of administering our education system can appreciate the crisis in.

IMPACT OF CULTISM ON PSYCHOSOCIAL ADJUSTMENT OF STUDENTS IN SECONDARY SCHOOLS CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION Background to the study Cultism is one of the most dangerous social vices which have plagued the Nigerian institutions of higher learning for decades.

This menace of cultism in our tertiary. STUDENTS’ PERCEPTION OF THE IMPACT OF CULTISM ON LEARNING IN NIGERIAN UNIVERSITIES By CHRISTOPHER E. OKON, (Ph.D.) Cross River State College of Education, examination for the girl friend.

CULTISM IN NIGERIAN SCHOOLS: Effects and Possible Solutions -By Ahamefula Israel

To escape arrest, he fired gun shots in the examination hall, thereby causing confusion and so disrupted the. CULTISM IN NIGERIAN SCHOOLS: Effects and Possible Solutions -By Ahamefula Israel.

March 16, This act is cultism and someone who practices it is a cultist. It is therefore worthy of note that cultism has no positive impact in our society and should be eradicated with immediate effect.

This can be achieved through. tertiary institutions in Nigeria are under the impact of cultism. Population of the study The population of this study was made up of 50students, 30 lectures and .

The impact of cultism and examination
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