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This is a national disgrace. It is likely that in many cases these people were being supported by other family members. Can single parent families survive on Newstart?

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We believe that prosperity should be shared, but the housing market operates under unfair rules that need to change. Australia Single parents who were last year moved off the sole parent payment say their children are suffering social and emotional distress as well as poor nutrition, according to a survey.

Go to top 4. It is the responsibility of the NSW Government to ensure that all NSW residents, including lower income households, have access to affordable housing.

She called on Mr Andrews to "increase the support payment for sole parents and immediately increase their earning Single parents newstart petition. Add your signature too.

Parenting Payment for Families - Not the Dole

In Januarythe then-Labor government moved almostparents from the Parenting Payment to the general unemployment benefit Newstart. We all need the safety and security of a stable home in order to thrive. Just over half reported finding it difficult to meet basic travel costs for their family.

Can single parent families survive on Newstart? It might depend on where they live

She also wants sole parents to be allowed to keep more of their income and not lose their benefits. The Parenthood survey key findings: Ms Sugden is a former adviser to Kevin Rudd but was not working for the Gillard government at the time of the Parenting Payment change.

How much income support will single parents receive under the new arrangements? Beginning with the election of the Fraser Government insuccessive federal governments have chosen to increase Newstart in line with the Consumer Price Index CPIrather than average wage growth.

Is he signalling a more comprehensive review of all social security payments, or is he signalling the need to find ways to pay for it? It has been more than two decades since the Newstart Allowance was increased in real terms.

Housing is a human right, just like healthcare and education. In addition, single parents receiving NSA are eligible for a Pensioner Concession Cardwhich provides access to reduced medical costs and other discounted benefits.

Tell Lawmakers: Housing is a Human Right!

We look forward to keeping you updated on our work to ensure all people have access to safe and affordable housing. We need thousands more. The background paper produced for the Pension Review the Harmer Review calculated that in some 10 per cent of those in receipt of PPS and 20 per cent of singles in receipt of NSA did not pay any rent.Single parents on Newstart allowance reveal decline in nutrition, mental health and large debts.

Updated February 05, Feb 16,  · Single Mum Activism There's strength in numbers! A forum especially for mums wanting to comment or make a difference on any of a wide range of single mum issues - child support, welfare issues including single parent pension, newstart, basics card / quarrantined income, family law issues, DOCS you name it!

The New Job Category "Parent Friendly" petition to Kate Ellis MP, Federal Minster for Employment Participation was written by Erin and is in the category Employment at GoPetition.

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Petition Tags employment SINGLE PARENTS equity. Single parents and people who receive Government income support such as the Newstart allowance or age pension are particularly impacted by the lack of affordable housing. Hidden homelessness is increasing with many people 'couch surfing', living in a state of uncertainty and, too often, staying in unsafe environments.

Single parent payment change: the Minister meets the Do Not Care bears ACOSS called for a $50 increase to Newstart Allowance. The Single Parents Action Group (SPAG) began its own campaign. Can single parent families survive on Newstart It might depend on where they live. Can single parent families survive on Newstart It might depend on where they live.

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Single parents newstart petition
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