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Candidates have up to twelve months to complete revisions to their thesis but should be encouraged to do so as soon as possible.

A critical review of previous work related to the subject and a concluding summation of the contribution made in the thesis to scholarship in the chosen field must be included in the thesis. The examination must be rescheduled without delay and must be held as soon as possible.

An oral thesis examination may be closed for justifiable reasons such reasons may include the need to protect rights to intellectual property or commercial publication, to honour contractual obligations owed to third parties, or for accommodation requirements. Passed A thesis is passed if it is acceptable in its Queens university thesis binding form or pending minor revisions, and its defence at the oral thesis examination was satisfactory.

Queens University Belfast Thesis Binding

The committee may decide to reconvene the examining committee and hold another oral thesis examination of the revised thesis. At the subsequent submission of the thesis, the oral defence must be held. Materials deposited in QSpace are instantly and permanently accessible worldwide through the Internet.

For example, a thesis will be referred if it requires substantive changes such as rewriting a chapter, reinterpretation, reanalysis or recalculation of data or findings, or additional research in order to attain acceptable standards of coherence and integrity in argument and presentation.

The purpose of the oral thesis examination is to ascertain that the student is able to adequately present and defend the thesis and its underlying assumptions, methodology, results and conclusions in a manner consistent with the degree being sought.

The examining committee may also use the referred category if it determines that the oral thesis examination itself, either separate from or in conjunction with the written thesis, is unsatisfactory. A thesis that has been defended by oral thesis examination can be submitted once more only in revised form.

This form must also denote the person or persons responsible for certifying to the School of Graduate Studies that all revisions have been completed. Exceptions to submission of an electronic copy of the thesis will be made by the School of Graduate Studies on a case-by-case basis.

Publication for commercial purposes remains the sole right of the author. The bound copy or copies will be returned to the student and to the thesis supervisor.

An oral thesis examination may be closed, meaning that only members of the Examining Committee may be present. When a student has more than one supervisor, the supervisor s responsible for certifying that any required revisions have been made to the thesis after the oral thesis examination, shall be the supervisor s who must confirm agreement to the thesis restriction.

The authority for confirming membership of the committee and for confirming the date of the examination lies with the Dean of the School of Graduate Studies.

Thesis Binding

Parts of the thesis may be prepared in a form suitable for separate publication, but overall it must comprise a coherent account of a unified research project rather than a collection of loosely connected studies. Paper copies of thesis: Confirmation of these arrangements must be made, in writing, by the School of Graduate Studies to the members of the Thesis Examining Committee and to the student.

At the time of submission for completion of degree requirements, the student may also submit up to two unbound paper copies of the thesis. Outcome categories of the oral thesis examination The outcome of the oral thesis examination is based on the acceptability of both the thesis and the defence of the thesis at the oral thesis examination.

Students who wish to obtain legal advice concerning their subsequent rights are advised to do so prior to signing the agreements. In the event that either the supervisor s or the candidate does not agree to the request for a closed oral thesis examination, the request may nonetheless be granted, unless the dissenting party provides justifiable reasons for not agreeing to a closed oral thesis examination.

Paper copies submitted for binding must be presented in order of pagination in separate envelopes. Visitors may attend an open oral thesis examination at the invitation of both the candidate and the supervisor swhich must be made at least one week prior to the scheduled date of the oral thesis examination.

The student will be notified of the result immediately by the Chair of the committee and the decision confirmed in writing by the School of Graduate Studies. In the event that the supervisor does not assent to the restriction of the thesis the restriction request may nonetheless be granted, unless the supervisor provides justifiable reasons for withholding his or her assent.

All format and pagination requirements must be met before the School of Graduate Studies accept the thesis in fulfillment of degree requirements. The decision to grant or deny the restriction request shall be made by the Associate Dean of the School of Graduate Studies.

The decision to grant or deny the request for a closed oral thesis examination shall be made by an Associate Dean of the School of Graduate Studies. At the time of submission for completion of degree requirements the student may also submit up to two unbound paper copies of the thesis.

The School of Graduate Studies should be immediately notified whenever two or more examiners recommend that the thesis oral not proceed, and should be informed of the status of the scheduled oral thesis examination.

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Popular Thesis Colours. At the time of submission for completion of degree requirements, you may also submit up to two unbound copies of the thesis for final permanent binding.

Thesis Binding Northern Ireland

Each paper copy submitted for binding must be in a separate envelope (not campus or padded envelopes). CLEARLY label each envelope with your name, degree and department.

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Queens university thesis binding
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