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Visual Studio 2005 Team System: Microsoft Solutions Framework

Conclusion MSF provides better process guidance for software development by presenting the right process to the right person at the right time.

The following elements of MSF are customizable: These range from customers and end users to other product development teams. In MSF, example content is strong and relevant, giving the user a solid foundation from which to build high quality process guidance. MSF uses this pool of real-world best practices, which have been proved both internally and externally, and simplifies, consolidates, and verifies them for easier understanding and adoption by partners and customers.

Content Organized for Maintenance MSF is designed with the ability to efficiently update content in mind. The Microsoft Solutions Framework: MSF components can be applied individually or collectively to improve success rates for the many types of projects.

During this phase, a subtle shift occurs in the dynamics of the project team. It is structured in both descriptive and prescriptive methodologies. Testing The goal of testing is to make sure that all issues are known and addressed prior to releasing the product. User education User education focuses on enhancing user performance so that users are as productive as possible with the product.

The six roles of the team model correspond directly with the six key quality goals for an effective project team.

Deployment is used for infrastructure deployment, and stabilization is used for application development.

Combined, the Microsoft Solutions Framework and Visual Studio Team System provide a framework for productive, integrated, extensible process guidance and tools that work for both agile and formal processes. The Microsoft Download Manager solves these potential problems.

Project Review The project review should cover the events that occurred during the Deploying Phase and should compile the information from the interim milestone reviews as well.

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This is the central philosophy behind the Microsoft Solutions Framework. This guidance is completely integrated so that it appears just like an integrated extension to the help system.

The formal approach provides a proven framework but when applied to the SDLC it can become cumbersome and worse yet, may not ultimately result in quality software that is responsive to the market and delivered in a timely manner.

Support for the SDLC process is built-in, which makes for seamless workflow support.

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The descriptive component is called the MSF 4. Microsoft Download Manager is free and available for download now. Other teams within various Microsoft lines of business regularly create, find, and share best practices and tools internally.

Tooling is built to support multiple processes because there can be no single software development process but it is built to the least common denominator. These software engineering processes can be modified and customized to the preferences of organization, customer and project team. There are multiple files available for this download.

The reaction of many software professionals has been to ask, "How does this apply to me and my project? Establishes and maintains user feedback mechanism. The Formal Process Model The formal process model has been developed in the business world mostly outside the software development culture. Using checklists and guidelines instead of detailed content, the user can quickly determine the requirements to complete a task or activity.

Microsoft Solutions Framework

There can be no single software development process for all software development projects. The result is a static process that often does not change as the project technology and environment change.

An issue is anything that prevents the product from meeting its requirements.Note: Microsoft seems to be encouraging MSF more for infrastructure deployment than application development.

As a result, this phase is actually known by two names. Deployment is used for infrastructure deployment, and stabilization is. Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF) is an integrated system of process guidance that embraces both agile and formal methodologies and provides a framework to implement a customized solution for a wide variety of projects.

6 Microsoft Solutions Framework version Overview • Lists of requirements that fail to address the real customer problems, cannot be implemented as stated, omit important features, and include unsubstantiated features.

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Microsoft Solutions Framework Essentials Course Objectives» Explain how an improved solution strategy can alleviate the challenges to delivering technology solutions.» Describe how the MSF team model is used on an MSF project.

Apr 09,  · Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF) provides proven practices for planning, building, and deploying a variety of technology solutions, combining aspects. Dec 22,  · Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF) version is a combination of a meta-model (or framework) on which processes are built, and two instantiations of that metamodel.

One of the instantiations is an agile software development process and the other targets a more formal environment.

Microsoft solutions framework
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