How can god create a universe

So, by necessity, this universe must be temporary and subject to the laws of thermodynamics. Curiously, astronomers would be out-of-business if God had created the universe instantly. He says in the book that at least 10 to the power of universes could possibly exist in super position of possibility at this level, which to me suggests an omniscient being.

God is the Universe, and everything in it. Then a succession of discoveries throughout the 20th Century showed beyond a reasonable doubt that the universe did have a beginning. In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth Genesis 1: Rich Deem Introduction If God can do anything if He is truly omnipotentwhy did He take six days to create the universe, when He could have done it instantly?

There would be no purpose to act in any way whatsoever. Had it always existed? First and foremost, the creation is designed as a place where evil can be conquered.

The protagonist further proposes that God is in the process of being restored not through some process such as the Big Crunchbut because humankind itself is becoming God.

Hartshorne preferred pandeism to pantheism, explaining that "it is not really the theos that is described". The props are Taaroa; the rocks are Taaroa; the sands are Taaroa; it is thus he himself is named. To accomplish this, God transformed into the whole universe. So, the earth was created at one of the earliest possible times in the history of our universe.

It is a curious fact that Jesus arrived at exactly the time during which the Roman empire was building roads all over the civilized world. The first is God as the ground or origin of all things, the last is God as the final end or goal of all things, that into which the world of created things ultimately returns.

This eternal process is viewed with finite comprehension through the form of time, forcing the application of temporal distinctions to that which is extra- or supra-temporal. He destroyed himself as God.

The third is the physical manifestation of God, having evolved through the realm of ideas and made those ideas seem to be matterand may be pantheistic or pandeistic, depending on the interference attributed to God in the universe: Then, indeed, would be true the idea of some of the old philosophies that "there is No Being; merely a Becoming.

No earth, no sky, no men. What does science say about time? Either interpretation leads one to the conclusion that God has no need of having been created.

Stephen Hawking says universe not created by God

A Thought Experimentin which a fictional character puts forth a radical form of kenosissurmising that an omnipotent God annihilated himself in the Big Bangbecause God would already know everything possible except his own lack of existence, and would have to end that existence in order to complete his knowledge.

The reality of secondary causes is what separates Christian theism from pandeism. The main reason why the earth was not created until billions of years after the creation of the universe involves the nature of the universe at its creation.

When Stephen Hawking, George Ellis, and Roger Penrose extended the equations for general relativity to include space and time, the results showed that time has a beginning - at the moment of creation i. The fact that we exist is proof that God is motivated to act in some way.

No, you should have all the fun yourself. Why did God wait These ores were produced through the actions of bacteria throughout the entire history of the earth, which resulted in concentrated deposits of specific metals. Tat Tvam Asi In the s, process theologian Charles Hartshorne identified pandeism as one of his many models of the possible nature of God, acknowledging that a God capable of change as Hartshorne insisted God must be is consistent with pandeism.

God becomes the Universe

However, two dimensions of time form a plane of time, which has no beginning and no end and is not restricted to any single direction. Advantages of creating over time Even though God is not bound by time, one could say that creating instantly would be preferable to creating over a period of time.

As one Christian theologian has stated, "I am not necessarily opposed to the Big Bang theory. The idea itself, that the universe came into existence due to an explosion, is not necessarily incompatible with the biblical creation account.

The only possible escape for the atheist is the invention of a kind of super universe, which can never be confirmed experimentally hence it is metaphysical in nature, and not scientific.We know so much about how the universe works, their authors claim, that God is simply unnecessary: we can explain all the workings of the universe without the need for a.

Who created God? It is an age-old question that has plagued all those who like to think about the big questions. Having grown up as an agnostic non-Christian, it provided me with a potential reason why there might not be any god. Why can't the universe be eternal? The idea that God can be eternal leads us to the idea that maybe the universe.

Could humans ever create a new universe? Update Cancel. ad by Honey. This Amazon upgrade is even better than Prime. One theory goes that only God, or someone with God-like powers can create the universe. And, that might be true, but what makes one God?

What grants one power? Perhaps a politician could create something that.

God did not create the universe, the man who is arguably Britain's most famous living scientist says in a forthcoming book. In the new work, The Grand Design, Professor Stephen Hawking argues that.

The only difference I have was God did not create the universe, God became the universe. [28] Chopra insists that Hawking's discoveries speak only to the nature of God, not to its existence.

Also, the universe cannot be self-caused—nothing can create itself, because that would mean that it existed before it came into existence, which is a logical absurdity. In Summary The universe (including time itself) can be shown to have had a beginning.

How can god create a universe
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