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Moreover, these security threats, specifically internal conflicts, result to higher rates of poverty and underdevelopment. In other words, these can destroy all aspects of human life.

While Colonel Oliver, who led be UN peacekeeping forces, has shown extreme care for Rwandans by choosing to stay and to save as many lives as possible even when they had no more peace to keep and the West already turned their backs on the country.

Now, with all the killings happening in the Philippines due to insurgencies and terrorist attacks, the government must always be vigilant and must learn to recognize signs that might result to genocide.

Let us avoid discrimination that will cost anger and revenge because this simple revenge will lead to a big trouble and war. To better understand this situation, try to put yourself in their place and surely you will only save yourself and your race.

Finding peace within yourself could also help us to prevent genocide, it will help you not to bad things especially to kill lives. Peace is a prerequisite of development but development and improvement of quality of living for all are essential to preserve peace.

In other words, there are no developments with the presence of violence and conflict. War, terrorism, crimes, and violence are all capable of destroying communities, governments, families, moral characters of each and every individual, and socioeconomic developments which were gained throughout the years.

Hotel Rwanda Term Paper Essay

And therefore, there would be no occurence of violence. The strategies of the government are not only focused on peacebuilding but also on poverty alleviation through Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program 4Psand strategies on unlocking the potential of Mindanao which, according to World Bank, is the key to reducing poverty and achieving growth in the Philippines.

Do you think that the colonizers were the party to blame in the violence that occurred?

We must also face the problem that we see without using violent ways and we will somehow work it out by proper conversation. In the movie, it was shown how Paul Rusesabagina got caught in between his love for his family, his duty as a tribe member of Hutus, and on being humane.

Peace is not merely a distant goal that we seek, but a means by which we arrive at that goal. However, today, not only the Asia Pacific region is facing security threats but also the whole world which is facing various challenges in its peace and security, specifically the civil wars in Iraq and Syria as well as the terrorist attacks in other parts of the world.

Clearly, if these strategies are carried out properly, these will be fruitful in attaining peaceful and sustainable development. If you know what peace is, you will surely want it and once you want it, you will make a way to have it.

Long before the genocide took place, majority Hutus and minority Tutsis have always had disagreements. First, he was forced to choose between his family and his responsibility of following orders as a Hutu which is to kill the Tutsis and he chose to protect his family as well as the other Tutsis.

And so, the Colonizers were the one to be blame. Together with this, the Hutus took their place back while the Tutsi refugees sought refuge in Burundi, Uganda, Zaire and Tanzania. But when the Belgian colonists arrived in and they considered the Tutsis to be superior to the Hutus, indignation among the Hutus strengthened which resulted to series of riots in Second was when his family was one of the families chosen to leave Rwanda wherein he was forced to choose to leave with his family or to be left together with those who were, unfortunately, not chosen and he chose the latter.

Just like what happened in Rwanda, the countries which they expected to help them the most were the ones that turn their backs on them. Thus, peace and security are essential for achieving stable development. And no other resolution for this but to be satisfied in yourself. Paul was a man of goodwill and a man full of love for humanity.

You must make a change within yourself. As what was said by Martin Luther King, Jr.

Hotel Rwanda

The tensions worsened after the death of Rwandan President Juvenal Habyarimana, a Hutu, caused by a rocket attack on his plane. As a matter of fact, according to the World Development Report instates affected by violent conflicts develop at a slower pace while the regions affected are falling behind.

This is further expanded with martial law in Mindanao which was extended until the end of that aims to totally eradicate the terror groups in the Philippines. In fact, it is reminiscent of the Holocaust during the Nazi era and the religious struggle between Pakistan Muslims and Indian Hindus.

In other words, development in Asia Pacific region continues despite the security threats that are currently existing in the region, but it also cannot be denied that the development in the region is uneven.

How do you think will genocide be prevented in the future? And the soldiers must know where are they for, because if they are for peace, then why is there war? This pushed Hutus resentment to its limits and ignited the genocide that occurred from April to July Because of that caste system, the discrimination occured between the two race by their physical characteristics,The Tustsi became superior that made the Hutus started the slaughter in their country due to their rage or fury.

How to cite this page Choose cite format: In the film Hotel Rwanda one of the main characters is Paul Rusesabagina Paul is a hotel manager who uses his skills as a businessman and his love of f Hotel Rwanda - Term Paper - Dimitri-Sanchez.

This paper is an overview for the movie Hotel Rwanda.

The movie is set in which reflects the situation in Kigali, Rwanda where the genocide occurred between people with different tribes.  Hotel Rwanda “Hotel Rwanda” was directed by Terry George and produced by Sam Bhembe and Roberto Cicutto.

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