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They sailed for 98 days without seeing any land. Spaniards became suspicious of Magellan, mainly because he recruited many Portuguese sailors. While at court, Ferdinand learned about the voyages of such explorers as Christopher Columbus and Vasco da Gama and how to navigate.

Magellan convinced King Charles I of Spain to support the voyage. While sailing through the fleet aboard the San Antonio mutinied and returned to Spain.

They ate rats, ox hides, and sawdust to avoid starvation. In he returned to India and participated in trade and several naval bases against Turkish fleets. Essays, term papers, research papers related: At the time it was the largest fleet dispatched to the Orient by Europeans.

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Was Magellan worth defending? They followed the South American coast to the bay where Rio de Janeiro now stands. Magellan was not worth defending because of disloyalty to task. Order a custom written research paper on Magellan from Paper Masters today.

The free World History research paper Ferdinand Magellan essay presented on this page should not be viewed as a sample of our on-line writing service. His earliest English biography, written indeclares that he was born around …at Sabrossa, near Chaves, in the province of Traz-os-Montes, one of the wildest districts of Portugal.

The Portuguese considered Magellan a traitor and the Spanish condemned Magellan after they received reports of his harshness and errors in the naviagtion.

They resumed their voyage in October Inhe was part of the expedition that conquered Malaka. Magellan commanded a total of of many nationalities and a fleet of 5 ships, the Concepcion, San Antonio, Santiago, Trinidad, and Victoria.

Magellan decided to seek the support from the king of Spain. Their food gave out and their water supply became contaminated.

Ferdinand Magellan Research paper

Francisco Serra helped Magellan try to locate the Spice Islands, which later became the destination of his great voyage. Another reason is that he regularly sent small scouting parties in the long boats.

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Bad weather and disease cause more than half of the crewmen to die. Magellan returned to Portugal in and fought on Morocco the next year. His position served as a means of education for sons of the Portuguese nobility. Magellan was not worth defending because of lack of concern for crew.

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ferdinand magellan research paper - Free download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Ferdinand Magellan Essay Sample This person called Ferdinand Magellan made the trip to Spices Island by traveling west across the Atlantic, which led him to something that made history.

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InMagellan went to Spain hoping he would get support like Columbus inthe Spanish king agreed to give Magellan an armada of five ships.

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Free research READ MORE HERE. Ferdinand Magellan was born in the year in Minho, a northern province of Portugal. Magellan was the third child of Dom Roy and Donha Alda Magalhaes. Ferdinand Magellan was not successful in finding a short route to the Spice Islands but his voyage contributed to the knowledge of the earth.

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Ferdinand magellan research paper
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