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Companies that have already penetrated one EU country will have met the requirements for Portugal as well. Market Entry Strategy Market Overview Mainland Portugal, along with the autonomous island regions of the Azores and Madeira, offers American exporters a market of approximately Because NIKE is a consumer products company, the relative doing business report 2015 pdf tax of various sports and fitness activities and changing design trends affect the demand for our products.

Portugal is an excellent entry point or test market for U. In addition, our Direct to Consumer operations sell through the following number of retail stores in the United States: The total amount of U. We sell sports apparel covering most of the above-mentioned categories, which feature the same trademarks and are sold predominantly through the same marketing and distribution channels as athletic footwear.

We experience moderate fluctuations in aggregate sales volume during the year. We also market products designed for kids, as well as for other athletic and recreational uses such as cricket, lacrosse, tennis, volleyball, wrestling, walking and outdoor activities.

In addition, the SEC maintains a website www. In addition to the products we sell to our wholesale customers and directly to consumers through our DTC operations, we have also entered into license agreements that permit unaffiliated parties to manufacture and sell, using NIKE-owned trademarks, certain apparel, digital devices and applications and other equipment designed for sports activities.

During that same period, U. The added city enables a subnational comparison and benchmarking against other large cities. All such filings on our corporate website are available free of charge. Differences between cities are more common in indicators measuring the steps, time and cost to complete a standardized transaction where local agencies play a larger role, finds the report.

Our sports apparel, similar to our athletic footwear products, is designed primarily for athletic use and exemplifies our commitment to innovation and high-quality construction. Virtually all of our products are manufactured by independent contractors.

As a member of the European Union EU and the euro zone, it is fully integrated with the EU, uses the euro currency, and follows directives from the European Commission in Brussels. In the United States, we utilize NIKE sales offices to solicit sales as well as independent sales representatives to sell specialty products for golf and skateboarding.

NIKE is the largest seller of athletic footwear and apparel in the world. Our NIKE e-commerce website is located at www. The United States continues to work closely with Portugal to find ways to expand and deepen two-way trade and investment to better reflect historically strong political, geo- strategic, and security ties between the two countries.

Market Entry Strategy First time exporters are urged to contact the nearest of over U. Our principal business activity is the design, development and worldwide marketing and selling of athletic footwear, apparel, equipment, accessories and services.

Market Challenges Portugal emerged from an extended economic crisis and successfully completed its European Union-IMF bailout program inregistering moderate growth for and and decreasing, but still high, unemployment.

American exporters face competition in Portugal from savvy European competitors. The government remains committed to attracting FDI, expanding trade with South America, Africa, and Asia, and focusing on niche sectors of the economy such as tourism, renewable energy, high quality industrial components, technology services, and value-added agricultural products.

Portugal has a politically stable environment with a democratically elected parliamentary government and is welcoming of foreign business and investment. Our definitive Proxy Statements are also posted on our corporate website.

Both physical and IT Infrastructure are well developed, and the cost of doing business in Portugal is significantly lower as compared to other countries in Western Europe. Corporate taxes and unit labor costs have decreased, while new investment incentives have been established.

Also available on our corporate website are the charters of the committees of our Board of Directors, as well as our corporate governance guidelines and code of ethics; copies of any of these documents will be provided in print to any shareholder who submits a request in writing to NIKE Investor Relations, One Bowerman Drive, Beaverton, Oregon The government has also taken important steps toward improving the efficiency of its judicial system.

The quickest and best way to enter the Portuguese market is to work with a local partner. The country is politically stable; the crime rate is relative ly low; the bilateral relationship is strong; English is widely spoken; and the population is very friendly toward Americans.

Main Findings Doing Business However, the mix of product sales may vary considerably as a result of changes in seasonal and geographic demand for particular types of footwear, apparel and equipment, as well as other macroeconomic, operating and logistics-related factors.

Failure to respond in a timely and adequate manner could have a material adverse effect on our sales and profitability. European companies are already familiar with aspects of the business culture, financing, regulations, standards, etc.

Both small and large U. Historically, revenues in the first and fourth fiscal quarters have slightly exceeded those in the second and third quarters. In addition, they do not face import tariffs that U. Embassy in Lisbon, offer s a variety of services to help U.California’s Corporation Taxes Frequently Asked Questions franchise tax if it is doing business in the state, whether your corporation is active, inactive, operating at a loss, or filing a A combined report is the calculations by which multiple.

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Businesses; Business Registration; CIFT Extensions; Annual Report - Tax Collection 01/01/ PDF: Annual Report. Annual Report – Tax Collection PDF: Table of Sales Tax Rates for Exemption for the period July – June the regulatory and tax aspects of operating a business in Indonesia together with the adoption of international accounting and reporting standards should further Doing business in Indonesia 8.

Economic Structure and Growth The major economic sector in Indonesia is the manufacturing. of doing business in Mexico, in the context of a best practices approach, using a single point of contact and service delivery, offered consistently through our wide range of services and specialist areas, as you have come to expect from the PwC Network.

What kinds of business income do I have to report on my tax return? See chapter 5. What kinds of business expenses can I deduct on my tax return?

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See Business Expenses in chapter 8. What kinds of expenses are not deductible as business expenses? See Expenses You Cannot Deduct in chapter 8.

Introduction – Doing business in China 8 Conducting business in China 13 Taxation in China 18 Audit and accountancy 32 Human Resources and Employment Law 34 Trade 38 business tax (BT) subject to technical assessment of certain Science and Technology Commission and approval of related tax authority.

Doing business report 2015 pdf tax
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