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Recommended Preparation Freshman Students who plan to enter Stanford as freshmen and intend to major in engineering are advised to take the highest level of mathematics offered in high school.

See the " AP Credit " section of this bulletin for information on advanced placement in mathematics. Alternately, these courses can be taken after arrival at Stanford, and the best advice would be to begin early and have a detailed plan for completing requirements worked out.

Some transfer students may require more than four years in total to obtain the B. Because it is revised in the summer, and updates are made to the web site on a continuing basis, the handbook reflects the most up-to-date information on School of Engineering programs for the academic year.

For departmental majors, the minimum combined GPA grade point average for all courses taken in fulfillment of the Engineering Fundamentals Coursework and stanford and the Engineering Depth requirement is 2.

The School of Engineering offers undergraduate programs leading to the degree of Bachelor of Science B.

Transfer credit is given for courses taken elsewhere whenever the courses are equivalent or substantially similar to Stanford courses in scope and rigor.

These opportunities enhance engineering education by providing students with an opportunity to learn about technology and engineering globally, to build professional networks, and to gain real world experience in a culturally diverse and international environment. Opportunities range from service learning programs to internships to study tours.

School of Engineering

For more information, see the transfer credit section of the Handbook for Undergraduate Engineering Programs at http: If in doubt about requirements, courses should always be taken for a letter grade. At Stanford, the following undergraduate programs are accredited: Additional elective course work in the humanities and social sciences is also recommended.

Admission Any students admitted to the University may declare an engineering major if they elect to do so; no additional courses or examinations are required for admission to the School of Engineering. Depending on the program chosen, students have the equivalent of from one to three quarters of free electives to bring the total number of units to The Woods Institute for the Environment http: Students are urged to consult the School of Engineering Handbook for Undergraduate Engineering Programs and their adviser.

For more information and application deadlines, please see gep. The curriculum is flexible, with many decisions on individual courses left to the student and the adviser.

During the Summer Quarter, a small number of undergraduate and graduate courses are offered. It is available online at http: These departments and one interdisciplinary program, the Institute for Computational and Mathematical Engineering, are responsible for graduate curricula, research activities, and the departmental components of the undergraduate curricula.If you enroll in 15 units of coursework ( courses), this will will require about 45 hours per week, only 15 hours of which may be class time.

For comparison's sake, a full-time job is typically 40 hours per week.

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In your first quarter, we advise students to consider the transition to Stanford itself something like a 3-unit course (so.

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Stanford undergraduates may also apply as coterminal students; details can be found under "Degree Program Options" in the "Undergraduate Programs in the School of Engineering" section of this bulletin.

(SoE) do not count toward the 40 units of engineering coursework required in the Fundamentals plus Depth categories. CourseWork, the learning management system (LMS) that has served teachers and learners at Stanford sinceis based on an “open source” platform called Sakai.

Stanford, along with 4 other universities, founded Sakai in Stanford has continually contributed to the platform, adding many. Depending on your chosen field, you may take as much as 50% of your coursework outside Stanford GSB.

For example, it’s not unusual for students to enroll in a significant number of courses in the Departments of Economics, Engineering, and Sociology.

Coursework and stanford
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