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From analysing the functionalist theory it shows that the socio medical model would explain and discuss the high rates of ill health and the short life expectancy among those who are poor relating to the inequalities in society and life circumstances of those whom may be disadvantaged.

Concepts of health appear to change with age with many older people describing being healthy in these negative terms whereas younger people talk about health terms of eating the right things and talking exercise. Root causes are identified through beliefs and interpretation for example, from a feminist perspective, roots causes relate to patriarchy and oppression.

Many people therefore have negative concept of health because thinking of it as the absence of ill health. Knowledge of health issues and of how poor health can be avoided or treated is equally critical Socio- model of health is one where: Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues.

It was emphasized that the health professionals are blamed of medicalization if they consider the societal influence of patient and if they ignore, the accusation still holds Nettleton, Strengths of the biomedical model of health Diagnoses the cause of ill health through the methods of observations, examinations and tests.

It is widely used by many medical professionals. If they are experiencing symptoms of diseases or illness or are injured, they are more likely to apply negative definition than a positive one.

Functionalist theorists see the role of medicine as central to the effective organisation of society, with its key function being to keep people healthy and to treat the sick, thus enabling them to be healthy contributors to society as parents, workers, etc.

Believes that health can be improving the social conditions as it can affect health of some particular groups. This model reflects the world health organisation of health and the perspectives of the NHS.

Little regard is paid to environmental and social factors that may have led to ill health Strengths of the socio medical model Understands and considers the patients experiences. This is a potential danger as they could become victims of those crimes. The key cultural explanation places emphasis upon pathological i.

People in this group are also least likely to alter unhealthy lifestyles. The Model Society also disagrees with Novak when he states the The root causes for diseases and ill health are to be found in social factors, such as the way society is organised and structured.

It is the exclusive domin of the expert medical practitioner this has ensured the high states of doctors in society Alternative approaches are invalid and interior.

Is not satisfactory in the understanding of the development of policies of the disability and the disadvantaged. The Bio-Medical model believes in the Feminist theories highlight the fact that the most powerful and specialist professional areas of medicine are dominated by men, while health policy made by parliament is similarly male-dominated.

Is not satisfactory in the understanding of the development of policies of the disability and the disadvantaged. Focuses on the physical processes of bio chemistry, pathology and the physiology of the illness. The state of health is socially constructed resulting historical, social and cultural influences that have shaped perceptions of health and ill health.

It was emphasized that the health professionals are blamed of medicalization if they consider the societal influence of patient and if they ignore, the accusation still holds Nettleton, It overlooks the barriers environmental factors that might be stopping their progress; it fits in well with the functionalist perspectives of disease.

According to Clift Notes When people have to fight The Biomedical model defines health as being free from pain, disease or defect. Biological treatments have shown to be successful at treating mental illness, particularly in patients who do not respond well to talk therapy.

Government recommends topics of improving mental health. Illness is what a particular society, at a specific point in time, for certain groups or individuals, views it to be, with the medical profession playing a critical role in the labelling of illness and ill people.

Secondly, Relating to the Marxist critique of the bio-medical model as it is a direct consequence of capitalism that a class that is more at risk to contract illness through sue to the cause of economic status.

Some sociology theorists may believe that the medical profession is under the educated upper classes who are interested in keeping the lower class content while using the workforce for growth and economy. On the other hand, the socio medical model focuses on the social factors that contribute to health and wellbeing in our society.

This would mean job security, free health care, and low taxes.The main purpose of the biomedical model of health is to cure diseases in which health professionals will use scientifically tested methods to address a diagnosed illness.

The biomedical model of health focuses on purely biological factors, and excludes psychological, environmental, and social influences. This model relates to the functionalist approach of health as it specifies that health is. Nov 24,  · The socio-medical model looks at what makes an individual suffer from sickness, including factor such as social class, occupation, education, income and poverty, poor diet and pollution.


Biomedical And Socio Medic Model Of Health Essay Sample

poor housing and poverty are causes to respiratory problems and in response to these causes and origins of ill health. The biomedical model of health is a predominant model used by physician to diagnosis of disease.

According to the biomedical model health constitutes the freedom from the disease, pain thus making the normal human conditon healthy. Mar 22,  · Biomedical and the socio-medical models of health The biomedical model of health looks at individual physical functioning and describes bad health and illness as the presence of disease and symptoms of illness as a result of physical causes such as injury or infections and doesn’t look at the social and psychological factors.

Assess the Biomedical and Socio-medical models of health This essay will assess how useful the biomedical and socio-medical models of health are and what contributions they have made to.

Biomedical Model of Health Dominant for many years and played a large role in prolonging life expectancy Bio- living or living organism Medical- science of diagnosing-curing disease.

In the biomedical approach Dr’s and hospitals are the real focus of medicine or health.

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Biomedical and socio medic model of
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