Big bang vs god

Proof of parallel universes radically different from our own may still lie beyond the domain of science, Augusthttp: For once we agree with several evolutionists who admit: The final problem worth mentioning with the Big Bang theory is the so-called Horizon Problem.

An effect cannot precede its cause. Even professional websites2 can give the wrong impression, presenting the Big Bang as the idea that the Universe began from a region smaller than the size of a grapefruit.

More precisely, the raw data high-l polarization modes that the Planck collaboration has shown rejects all over cosmology. Prior to the 20th Century, it was not clear if the universe ever had a beginning.

In fact, a famed astronomer named Fred Hoyle advanced an alternate theory known as the "Steady State Universe". It was Hoyle who originally coined the term Big Bang, in a radio broadcast in August 12, at 8: The past cannot be repeated and once God is rejected there is no limit to what the mind can conceive, and all this is to avoid the Creator.

In fact, many more universes that there are stars in the observable universe! Quantum theory also holds that a vacuum, like atoms, is subject to quantum uncertainties.

This could happen if the collapsing star exploded once it reached a very dense state, but after the black hole horizon had formed around it There are two reasons why they will find results.

An explosion in a print shop does not produce an encyclopedia. It has been a long day. Moreover, recent estimates indicate that there is not enough mass in the universe to stop its expansion. We also currently observe that the universe is expanding. For one thing, we look in the sky and see it!

But the universe as we know it seems flawed. Some scientists should take a hint from the Scottish skeptic David Hume: Well, there are two main issues at stake and both argue for the existence of God.

What exactly was it that "banged" to cause the universe to come into existence?

God, Evolution, and the Big Bang

Science can only tell us about natural phenomena. June 9, at 4: In fact, we know it by far more certainty. Thus, YEC has been given a fair shake and proven incorrect. Here is a questionnaire of comparison of fiat Lux and Rotating Black Hole that causes space tremor.

In the absence of any knowledge of other universes, we are not justified in believing that the creator is all-powerful.

Religious interpretations of the Big Bang theory

That discovery seemed to settle two big questions of that time: No time, no cause and effect. The outcome is already perceived by god. In the 20th century it was discovered that elements could be transmuted, but only via nuclear reactions that take place under conditions of extreme temperature, not in ordinary chemical reactions.

The most telling criticism of this argument is that it is self-refuting. Theoretical astrophysicists obviously working without any experimentation have divided cosmological history, by their theory, into a number of epochs, when conditions were different.The 'Big Bang' Argument for the Existence of God (*) Theodore Schick Jr.

Abstract: Some believe that evidence for the big bang is evidence for the existence of god.

Does the Big Bang Contradict Creation?

Who else, they ask, could have caused such a thing? In this paper, I evaluate the big bang argument, compare it with the traditional first-cause argument, and consider the.

Religious interpretations of the Big Bang theory. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Part of a series on: Physical cosmology; Big Bang · It discusses the connection between the Big Bang and God from a Christian perspective.

How did it start?

Big Bang Theory and Religion, by Ron Kurtis, Physicist. Question: "Did God use the "Big Bang" to create the universe?" Answer: Prior to the 20th Century, it was not clear if the universe ever had a beginning. Had it always existed? No one knew. It was a matter of faith.

Then a succession of discoveries throughout the 20th Century showed beyond a. Questions and Answers About God, Evolution, and the Big Bang --What the Creationists Don't Want You to Know. Who are you, and what's your agenda? The Big God Theory, from Genesis chapter 1 in the Bible, describes the origin of the Universe as the work of the Creator (see Psalms ), who has a great interest in His Creation.

The Big Bang Theory vs. God’s Word

He is a God whom we can know personally. Aug 19,  · Support MinutePhysics and MinuteEarth on Subbable - AND MinutePhysics is on Google+.

Big bang vs god
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