Asia pacific nuclear medicine radiopharmaceuticals stable isotopes

Request Customization Isotope analysis is the identity of isotopic signature, the distribution of certain strong isotopes and chemical elements inside chemical compounds.

Increase in research application with respect to pharmaceutical, biotechnology sector and increase in applications are driving the market for stable isotopes, however high cost of stable isotope, side effects of isotopes and stringent regulations for manufacturing of stable isotopes are the factors hampering the market of stable isotope.

Radioisotopes are radioactive isotopes of an element. Our custom research will comprehensively cover the business information you require to help you arrive at strategic and profitable business decisions. Therapeutic nuclear medicine by application is segmented into prostate, thyroid, liver, gastro-entero-pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors GEP-NETsmetastatic bone cancer, breast cancer and others.

We publish strategically analyzed market research reports and serve as a business intelligence partner to Fortune companies across the world. Stable isotopes are precursors used in production of radioisotopes and market is segmented into carbon CDeuterium D-2Oxygen ONitrogen NSulphur S and others.

Chief executives and VPs of leading corporations specific to industry Product and sales managers or country heads; channel partners and top level distributors; banking, investments and valuation experts Key opinion leaders KOLs Analyst tools and models AMR has developed set of analyst tools and data models to supplement and expedite the analysis process.

The medical application of radioisotopes is being driven by the increasing patient population and new and effective radioisotopes. Key players profiled in the report include AkzoNobel N. The pharmaceutical segment is the fastest growing segment growing at high single digit CAGR from to due to novel developments in utilization of stable isotopes which involve biopolymers, where isotope-labelled species are generated from cells grown on labelled growth media.

Global Nuclear Medicine/Radiopharmaceuticals & Stable Isotopes Market Outlook: 2013-2018

Revenue forecast of the Nuclear Medicine global market and strategic analysis of each submarket with respect to individual growth trends. Radiopharmaceuticals are also used in the nuclear imaging field as tracers.

We at MarketsandMarkets are inspired to help our clients grow by providing apt business insight with our huge market intelligence repository. The Radiopharmacology market is broadly segmented as diagnostic and therapeutic.

Asia-Pacific Nuclear Medicine/Radiopharmaceuticals to top £800 Million by 2017

These key players were mainly involved in strategic agreements and contracts with other institutes and players, while generator manufacturers followed several strategies to maintain a sustainable supply chain. Besides the gigantic Tcm market, florbetapir F 18 and FFDG are gaining popularity through their applications for Alzheimers disease and diagnosis of brain tumours.

With rise in the aging population globally coupled with increasing rate of chronic cardiovascular, oncology and neurology diseases, there is tremendous growth potential in this market, especially in developing nations.

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Nuclear Medicine/Radiopharmaceuticals Global Market Estimated to be Worth $9,368 Million by 2024

Iba Group, Isotec, Inc. Radiopharmaceuticals containing a radioactive tracer are generally inhaled, swallowed or injected into the patient and the gamma-rays emitted by this material are used by the SPECT and PET imaging modalities to display images.

This may be implemented to a food internet to make it feasible to draw direct inferences concerning diet, tropic level, and subsistence. Our research proceeds are the resultant of high quality data, expert views and analysis and high value independent opinions. Cardiology market accounted largest share and is the fastest growing market with projected high single digit CAGR from to due to increase in number of cardiac imaging procedures using Tcm.

Variations in isotope ratios from isotopic fractionation are measured the use of mass spectrometry, which separates the specific isotopes of an element on the basis in their mass-to-rate ratio.

MarketsandMarkets also provides multi-client reports, company profiles, databases, and custom research services. Some of the companies related to stable isotopes are Isoflex Isotope U.

Our in-house industry experts play instrumental role in designing analytic tools and models, tailored to the requirements of particular industry segment. Based on radioisotope application segmentation it covers sterilization, food irradiation, detectors anti-static brush, nuclear batteries and agriculture.

The adoptions of nuclear medicine for effective usage in integrated structure-function imaging, has made it a preferred imaging technique over traditional methods and increase its use in diagnostic radiology and various therapeutic indications.

SPECT is majorly used in cardiology related diagnosis. Since conventional treatment procedures of cancer, surgery and chemotherapy have significant side-effects, radioisotopes are being preferred by medical practitioners due to minimum or no side-effects.

This isotope has tremendous potential to take up the market share of beta emitters and brachytherapy.

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We work through various domains including but not limited to pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology, medical devices, IT-healthcare, chemicals, materials and other industries, across all geographies. Identification and analysis of the Stable Isotope global market segments by isotope, by application and geography.

This paves the way for novel isotopes such as Tl, F, and Rb to capitalize on opportunities in the growing diagnostics market.Asia Pacific Nuclear Medicine/Radiopharmaceuticals & Stable Isotopes Market - Opportunities and Forecasts, Similar to the global nuclear medicine market, the Asia-Pacific region is also reducing its dependency on nuclear reactors by introducing hospital-based cyclotron facilities.

This paves the way for novel isotopes such as Tl, F, and Rb to capitalise on opportunities in the growing diagnostics market. Nuclear Medicine global market is expected to reach $9, million by at a CAGR of %.

Stable Isotope global market is expected to reach $ million by at a CAGR of %. Identification and analysis of the Nuclear Medicine global market segments by modality, products, by application, end-user and geography. (PRWEB) December 01, -- The "Asia-Pacific Nuclear Medicine/Radiopharmaceuticals Market & Stable Isotopes [SPECT/PET Radioisotopes (Technetium, F)].

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The global radioisotopes & enriched stable isotopes market on geographic segmentation covers various regions such as North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, Middle East and Africa.

Each geography market is further segmented to provide market revenue for select countries such as the U.S., Canada, U.K. Germany, China, Japan. Radiopharmaceuticals in neurological applications such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and dementia are boosting the growth of the Asia-Pacific nuclear medicine market.

Upcoming radioisotopes such as Ra (Alpharadin) and Ga possess huge potential for clinical applications.

Asia pacific nuclear medicine radiopharmaceuticals stable isotopes
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