An analysis of the theme in the novel the gift of the magi by william sydney porter

Henry occupied the city at this point during its transition, and he was fascinated by all the people who inhabited New York, leading him to title his second collection of stories The Four Million.

There were no skyscrapers yet, and South Street was still an important commercial district rather than the tourist attraction it would become by the end of the century. He escaped to Honduras, but returned to the United States when he learned that Estes died from tuberculosis.

The Gift of the Magi When Written: Henry was a prolific short story writer who specialized in twist endings—much like the popular 19th century French writer, Guy de Maupassant. In short, the main idea is that the best gift is that which is most sincere and comes from the bottom of the heart instead of an extravagant, lavish possession that would bring nothing to the warmth of the human relationship.

InNew York was still a shipping city, bustling and packed. That is, what is material and indeed lacking in their world steps even farther back to let the reader understand that those two souls have given and received the wisest and most precious gift - that of human emotion and affection.

In this way, the gifts that the two loving spouses give each other become symbols of the passionate love that they feel for each other and that will never be extinguished by their poverty. Unlock All Answers Now Start your hour free trial to unlock this answer and thousands more, enjoy eNotes ad-free, and get the following: Student Answers suprabhatdas Student In this short story, O.

His uncle trained him to become a pharmacist at nineteen.

He died inat age forty-seven, from complications that likely arose from his drinking. This humorous tone shows the influence of fellow American writer Mark Twain, whose writing was also considered realistic, witty, and often irreverent. The two writers have been compared because of their use of situational irony, but O.

Brief Biography of O. Henry was the pen name for William Sydney Porter the prolific writer of nearly short stories. Sometime after his first marriage to Athol Estes, he began writing for the Houston Post, but he was arrested soon afterwards for embezzling funds at his previous bank position.

Soon afterwards, he worked a number of jobs as a bank teller, draftsman, and journalist, all while writing on the side.

The Gift Of The Magi Theme

In this writing, whose title is an allusion to the gift of the three wise men to Jesus when he was born, the author clearly shows the value of personal affection and the true meaning of giving gifts.

Henry focuses mainly on three great themes - those of poverty, generosity, and most important of all - love. New York City When Published: At twenty, he moved to Texas to work on a sheep ranch.

Its enduring appeal can be traced to the universal themes of wealth, poverty, and generosity wrapped together by the selfless love of the two main characters, Jim and Della Young.Literary Analysis of The Gift of the Magi.

Introduction The popular short story ‘The Gift of the Magi’ was written by American writer William Sydney Porter who later changed his name to O’ Henry after he came out from Prison where he had been incarcerated for embezzlement in in Columbus, Ohio.

What is the theme of the story "The Gift of the Magi" by O. Henry? There are three main themes defined within O. Henry's short story "The Gift of the Magi." Love The theme of love is shown through the selfless actions of both Della and Jim. Critical Analysis of The Gift of the Magi In the short story, “The Gift of the Magi” by William Sydney Porter (aka O.

Henry), many different themes of literature are brilliantly displayed. This story revolves around a husband and wife who demonstrate a strong use of irony to further the plot%(3). The Theme of “The Gift of the Magi” William Sydney Porter, or O. Henry as it is widely known, is one of the most famous names in American literature.

He was a master short-story writer of nearly short stories.

The Gift of the Magi Literary Analysis

With a very inventive mind, he made plots for his stories from the commonplace things. "The Gift of the Magi" was originally published inin O. Henry's second collection of short stories, The Four Million. "The Gift of the Magi" is probably his greatest hit, and displays all of the major O.

Henry traits in abundance.

The Gift of the Magi Analysis

The Gift of the Magi is a well-known short story by American short story writer O. Henry, the pen name of William Sydney Porter. The story first appeared in The New York Sunday World on December 10, and was later published in O.

Henry's collection The Four Million on April 10,

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An analysis of the theme in the novel the gift of the magi by william sydney porter
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